♡ 2 grantaire 2 care ♡


you know that thing where you don’t have a huge crush on someone but you have this little voice in your head going “you would probably date them if they asked”? or is that just me?


i like people who r chill w platonic kissing 

did you pick a winner(s?) for the giveaway thing??🎀

y e s

i know ur not a big fan of the movie but what are u thoughts on movie crutchie bc i love him in the stageshow like???? a very large gross amount more in the show than in the movie

lmao i don’t care about movie crutchy oops i hate the guy who played him because he’s a gross dude

shoutout 2 myself for popularizing the term “newsies hell” good job, self

What's your major, what do you want to do with it, what's ur dream broadway role?


musical theatre but non-performance musical theatre, so like. dramaturgy/directing/design/stage management etc

i waNT TO BE A GODDAMN DRAMATURGE or director and i wanted to do a modernized production of les mis BUT THEN DALLAS DID IT but i guess i still want to do one anyway

and tbh lmao my dream role since 2012 has been crutchie, fuck this life, i did not plan that i would fall so far into n/ewsies hell but um??? emmett in legally blonde and grantaire (obviously) and??? i don’t know i don’t do performance theatre, so

I LOVE PINK TOO. ballerina pink is the best. Oops i said barrelina first. I always say barrelina after seeing matilda :P



New York’s Skyline by streamy-dream


New York’s Skyline by streamy-dream